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Scott LoBaido Success Net Worth: Age, Height, Weight, Wife, Kids, Bio

Scott LoBaido, born on April 6, 1965, in Staten Island, New York, has carved a niche for himself as an American artist renowned for his patriotic, Pride Flag, and political themed paintings and sculptures. His fervent patriotism and political activism have stirred both admiration and controversy throughout his career.

Scott LoBaido’s Net Worth

Scott LoBaido’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. His artwork, which tackles social issues and sparks conversations, showcases his talent and commitment to making a difference. His success not only demonstrates his artistic skills but also shows how society values artists who use their talents to provoke meaningful discussions. LoBaido’s financial success reflects society’s appreciation for artists who contribute to important conversations through their unique artistic perspectives.

Early Life and Education

LoBaido’s roots are deeply embedded in Staten Island, where he was born and raised in the West Brighton neighborhood. He pursued his education at New Dorp High School, where he spent six years before graduating.

The Flags Across America Tours

One of LoBaido’s most notable endeavors is his “Flags Across America” tours. In 2006, he embarked on his first tour, traveling across the United States in a 1989 Chevy Suburban. His mission: to paint a US flag on a rooftop in each of the 50 states. This ambitious project garnered attention nationwide, with ABC News naming him “Person of the Week” in September of that year.

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Buoyed by the success of his initial tour, LoBaido launched a second “Flags Across America” tour in 2015. This time, he painted US flags on American Legion or VFW posts in every state. His dedication to honoring American symbols and supporting veterans earned him accolades, including the VFW Americanism Award in 2016.

Notable Works

Among LoBaido’s significant works is the massive mural he painted on the roof of Lamons Gasket Company near Hobby Airport in 2010. Spanning 150,000 square feet, it was then the largest mural of its kind. This monumental artwork, completed between Flag Day and Independence Day, was a heartfelt tribute to America.

In 2015, LoBaido demonstrated his compassion by constructing memorial tributes to the 24 people who perished on Staten Island during Hurricane Sandy. His dedication to honoring the lives lost in his community reflects his deep sense of empathy and connection to his roots.

Political Activism

LoBaido is not only an artist but also a vocal political activist. He has openly supported Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States, and his artwork often reflects his political beliefs. From paintings to sculptures, LoBaido has expressed his admiration for Trump’s leadership.

However, his political activism has not been without controversy. In 2016, his support for Trump led to the creation of a 12-foot-tall letter “T” for a Staten Islander’s lawn, in a show of support for Trump’s presidential campaign. The sculpture was vandalized, prompting an investigation by the New York City Fire Department.

One of his notable political works is “POTUS 45,” a painting portraying Donald Trump as fit and muscular, symbolizing LoBaido’s confidence in Trump’s capabilities as a leader.

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Legal Troubles

Despite his artistic achievements and activism, LoBaido has faced legal issues. As of February 2024, he has been court-ordered to wear an ankle monitor for multiple violations of public defecation on sidewalks in the New York City metropolitan area, tarnishing his reputation and raising questions about his behavior.


Scott LoBaido’s journey as an artist and activist is a testament to his unwavering patriotism and commitment to his beliefs. From his iconic “Flags Across America” tours to his politically charged artworks, he has left an indelible mark on the American art scene. However, his legal troubles serve as a reminder of the complexities that accompany fame and activism.

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